Oct 06 2016
kaiyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. Website Renewal
 Kaiyo Engineering Official Site

Oct 06 2016
Nissei Electronics Co.,Ltd. Website Renewal
 Nissei Electronics Official Site

May 24 2016
10/6 - 8 Visit Tachyonish Holdings booth at Techno-Ocean 2016 in Kobe
 Techno Ocean 2016 Official Site

February 9 2016
04/11 - 13 Visit Tachyonish Holdings at OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai
 OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai Special Site

With the funding to the potential partners,
Unlock full potential of partner companies and make them to be niche-top companies in the market. Tachyonish Holdings and partnered niche-top companies succeed in challenging altogether to steadily glow as a group in the industry.