Nov 01 2018
O.K.E.Service Co.,Ltd. joined our group
 O.K.E.Service Official Site

May 14 2018
Medical Integration Co.,Ltd. joined our group
 Medical integration Official Site

Oct 06 2016
kaiyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. Website Renewal
 Kaiyo Engineering Official Site

Oct 06 2016
Nissei Electronics Co.,Ltd. Website Renewal
 Nissei Electronics Official Site

May 24 2016
10/6 - 8 Visit Tachyonish Holdings booth at Techno-Ocean 2016 in Kobe
 Techno Ocean 2016 Official Site

February 9 2016
04/11 - 13 Visit Tachyonish Holdings at OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai
 OCEANS'16 MTS/IEEE Shanghai Special Site

With the funding to the potential partners,
Unlock full potential of partner companies and make them to be niche-top companies in the market. Tachyonish Holdings and partnered niche-top companies succeed in challenging altogether to steadily glow as a group in the industry.
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